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Why Payment Protection Scotland is Good for Your PPI Compensation Claim

No matter where you live, whether it is the far outer posts of Scotland or a large city, you cannot have failed to have heard about the mis-selling of payment protection insurance, known as PPI.

PPI Claim

But, there are still thousands of people yet to make a claim, to claw back their money from their bank, lender, building society or any other body that offered loans, mortgages, store cards credit cards and much, much more from the 1990s onwards.

Many people think it simply does not apply to them but this must surely be the most dangerous thought!

Many of YOU will not know you have PPI on your accounts as it may not necessarily have been flagged up, and made obvious to you.

And many people did not realise that the small box, already ticked that appeared at the very end of the very small print and the very end of the very long terms and conditions actually meant you were adding a product to your loan.

Can people really have failed to notice?

Yes, because customers trusted their banks. Over the years, banks and building societies had built an awesome and envious reputation for being ‘right’, as well as powerful.

And so, if people did notice they had this product, and queries with their bank, they were probably ‘flannelled’ - in other words, told it really was a brilliant product and the right one for them.

How Payment Protection Scotland can help…

Multiple cases

Many people have many products with PPI stapled to them, from credit cards to personal loans, possibly even their mortgage or second mortgage, along with store cards and other small loans. Each account with PPI is a separate letter of complaint.

Here at Payment Protection Scotland, we can manage all this on your behalf and all for one fee too, so there is no overly complicated invoice system.

Complex cases

Many people are unsure and even unwilling to contact their bank or lender, mainly as they feel that their financial affairs are complicated, possibly by debt.

Payment Protection Scotland, as an experienced claims management company, also know how debt will and will not affect your PPI compensation claim. It is your money, you too have a right to claim it back as it possibly contributed to your debt too.

Straightforward cases

Many cases are straightforward, it is the preference of the customer to have a claim management company deal with their PPI compensation claim. We will help anyone with their claim, no matter if it is complex or ‘easy’!

Not put off by jargon…

Many banks and lenders, more so in the past, have indulged in the practice of attempting to bamboozle or hinder the progress of reclaiming PPI premiums back… simply because they knew it would adversely affect their profit pot.

It is your money and you should get it back! Payment Protection Scotland can help, simply call us to find out more!

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