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What Helps PPI Compensation Claims to Be Successful?

Thousands of people have already claimed PPI compensation with the help of our expert team here at Payment Protection Scotland. We are poised ready to help customers in the future too and with a PPI deadline of June 2019 looking a realistic prospect, we expect to help many more people in the coming months.

Successful PPI compensation claims are reliant on several factors. Here we talk through what they are…

Customers knew they had a PPI policy or policies

The foundation on which PPI compensation claims are made is the fact that there is a PPI policy or, as in some cases, several policies over several loans, credit cards and so on.

Initially, banks and lenders were unwilling to help customers identify whether they had PPI or not. This has changed and thus, if you think you have a policy and want to confirm it, you can simply ask your bank or lender.

By being confident that you have PPI policies and even telling the bank or lender the policy numbers, you have overcome a big obstacle standing between you and your money.

Customers knew why they had been mis-sold PPI

It is important that you understand why you were mis-sold PPI. There are many reasons why this is the case:

  • you didn’t know that you had been ‘sold’ PPI
  • it was added to your account(s) at a later date
  • you were given the impression that you had to buy PPI
  • you were told that shopping around for another policy was not an option
  • the opt in box on your loan or credit card application was already ticked
  • you were advised to buy PPI but are unclear as to why it was the right insurance policy to buy
  • you were self-employed when it was sold to you
  • you were unemployed
  • you were over the age of 65 when the policy was sold to you

Not sure which of the above applies to you? Call our team today to find out more and to find out what other mis-sellings reasons there are.

Customers chased the claim and insisted on their money back

A confident customer is hard to refuse and thus, banks and lenders have had to justify cases where they have decided not to award a claim for PPI compensation.

The Financial Ombudsman is the body that looks at complaints from customers about banks and their services. Thus, they are swamped by claims from customers who want them to make the final ruling on their PPI compensation claims.

The good news is that the Ombudsman is finding in favour of the customer in seven out of 10 cases.

Payment Protection Scotland have worked with thousands of customers to claim their money back – and we can help you too. Call us!

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