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Think you know everything about claiming back PPI?

Then take our quiz and see how you do!

True or False? Everyone has a PPI claim

False. Claiming compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) is not automatic and just because you have a policy does not mean that are automatically entitled to your money back. You will need to show that you were mis-sold it.

True or False? If you have a bad back, you would not be able to claim under PPI

True. There are many exclusions under the terms and conditions of PPI, some of which are better known than others but not at the time that people bought in to the policy. In terms of medical exclusions, bad backs were not seen as a reason by which the policy holder could claim on the policy. In terms of more serious spinal injury, you may have been able to.

True or False? If you had depression or another mental illness that stopped you working, you would be able to claim on your PPI policy

False. Again, in the very small print which was easily missed was that some PPI policies did not cover mental health issues or illness. Many people are aware of the debilitating effect that mental health issues have on people and despite all the recent help and raising awareness, the PPI policy was not conducive to helping people in this way.

True or False? If it was a joint loan, it was a joint PPI policy

False. The PPI policy was usually assigned to one person. If you want both of you covered you would pay for an insurance policy each. Many people were not made aware of this at the time of purchase and so when they thought they would be covered by the policy, they found that their claim was invalid.

True or False? PPI has a high pay out rate.

False. Investigations found that PPI policies paid out in only 15% of cases and when they did, the process was slow and laborious, another criticism levied at the banks and the PPI policies they sold.

True or False? PPI Scotland is a leading claim management company

True. We are an incredibly popular as a claim management company and successful too. We welcome enquiries from everybody. If you would like more advice on your potential claim, as well as more information on how we can help you get your money back, all you need to do is call us. There is no obligation either!

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