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PPI Compensation Claims – What You MUST Know!

Payment Protection Scotland is a successful, reputable and professional claim management company, specialising in PPI compensation claims. We are incredibly proud of our reputation for helping customers claim the money back which is rightfully theirs.

As we enter the festive season, you may be wondering if you have a PPI compensation claim. After all, a pleasant windfall into your bank account would certainly be very welcome!

You may also be thinking of using our amazing service to help you claim your money back. If you are, you need to know some essential facts…

We have a 93%+ success rate for PPI claims

This is an astounding claim and one of the highest in the business. We are successful because of one thing that we do differently to all other claim management companies: we have a strict and rigours claims assessment process.

We work hard right at the very start to make sure that every customer we help has a claim for PPI compensation by assessing all loan accounts and credit agreements for PPI. If you have one policy, you are bound to have more!

We charge a fee for our service

Would you expect a solicitor to act on your behalf on a complex legal matter for free? Would you go to the hairdresser’s, have expensive treatments only to walk out, and not pay?

What is important is not only understanding that we charge for our service, but how we charge;

  • Flat fee – we have one flat fee that applies to all cases. Our team will tell you what our current rate is when you call.
  • No win, no fee – you only pay us when we win your case; if we lose, you owe us nothing.

We will need your permission to act on your behalf

This means signing a few forms and documents that give our team permission to contact banks and lender on your behalf and lodge your complaint. This can be done quickly, meaning we can be working on your claim within days.

We can help you with every aspect of your case

Many customers when they first call us, have all kinds of concerns and many questions. This is only natural as it can seem a daunting prospect to claim PPI compensation. For example, you may be unsure about why you were mis-sold the policy or assume that because you agreed to it, that you do not have a claim.

We have a wealth of experience that we bring to every claim we work on. And we can work on your PPI compensation claim. Let’s start today – call us!

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