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PPI and Your Dream Holiday

Have you always dreamt of taking a holiday to far flung, tropical islands where the sea is clear blue, and so deliciously warm?

Looking at the prices of a few days in the sun, the cost of long haul flights and so on, and the price of such a marvellous holiday is off the scale and way out of the budget you have.

However, there are many people across the country who have realised this dream, and taken the holiday of a lifetime. And what has changed, so that they can dip their toes in the crystal clear waters of tropical islands? PPI.

What is PPI?

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a product that was supposed to make repayments on a loan, credit card and so on in the event that you lost your source of income; for example, you may have been made redundant, not uncommon in times of recession such as that which started in 2008.

You may also have an enforced ‘break’ from work through major illness and this may mean that your income drops so dramatically that you would be unable to afford to make repayments. In theory, you would make a claim against your PPI policy and all would be well.

But, theory does not always match practice.

In reality

Many people were sold a product that they had little, if any hope, of making a claim against the policy. This was because, in some cases, their circumstances were not ‘right’; in other words, the policy did not actually provide them with cover, as they were ineligible.

A practical example is this: someone with a pre-existing medical condition, however small, would not be ‘covered’ in the eventuality that they were unable to work due to this condition. If you, for example, had also suffered from back issue or mental health issues, you were not covered either.

But this was not explained. In fact, in many cases the whole raft of exclusions were not explained to customers. This, coupled with people being unaware of other restrictions, meant they were paying a lot of money for a policy that was not worth it.

A happy ending

However, as with many nightmares and sad stories, there is a happy ending – in fact, there are many thousands of happy endings as people are claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI.

And this money is yours to do with what you want. In a recent survey, 25% of people who had successfully claimed back their money had spent it on a holiday – why not you?

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