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New Year and Money in the Bank

How PPI Could Kick-Start Your New Year!

As we stand of the 2017, it can be easy to think that the coming year will be more of the same old-same old.

There are all kinds of resolutions you can make. You can resolutely declare that within months, you will have shed excess weight and become super-fit at the gym. You can declare that you will no longer drink to excess (after Hogmanay!) and you determine that this year, you WILL get a grip on your finances.

And Payment Protection Scotland could be the very company to help you with boosting your finances in 2017.

Want to know more? Read on…

Who are Payment Protection Scotland?

We are a claim management company and we specialise in making claims for compensation relating to the mis-sale of payment protection insurance (PPI). We are known for offering a professional and high-quality service to all our customers, irrespective of how big or small their PPI compensation claim is.

What is PPI?

PPI was sold as wonder product, a piece of insurance that in the event you were too ill to work or lost your job, would make repayments on your loan or credit card or whatever debt it was secured against.

A sound financial move you may think but, there were some basic, fundamental problems with this scenario;

  • Most customers were NOT covered by the PPI policy they were sold
  • Customers were NOT told that there were many exclusions under the terms and conditions and that as a result, they were paying for a product that was useless to them
  • Customers were NOT told they could shop around and get not only a product that covered them, but was also less expensive
  • Customers were NOT told that they didn’t have to buy PPI, although if they assumed that their loan and PPI were a ‘package’, the bank or lender allowed them to carry on thinking this
  • The banks and lenders also didn’t tell the customer just how much profit they were making from each sale, nor how much commission their staff receive when they sold a PPI policy
  • PPI paid out is around 15% of claims, a lot lower than all other insurance products
  • The process of claiming under the PPI policy tool a long time, and was overly complicated too

Now can you see why PPI was a policy that promised a lot, but delivered very little? You were duped into buying it. Claim PPI compensation and give your finances a boost in 2017 – call Payment Protection Scotland now!

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