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Making a PPI compensation claim – do you have a deadline?

There has been a lot of attention recently given to the discussion relating to imposing a deadline for compensation claims relating to mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI).

Many people are now focussed on the possibility of a deadline being introduced for 2018.

But, did you know there could be a deadline looming a lot sooner?

The history

Back in 2013, banks and lenders were told to write to customers that they knew had a PPI policy and inform them that this may have been sold to them in error. The letter was to invite these customers to make a claim.

Although there was no guarantee of compensation, the majority of these customers would have been sold a policy that was of little in any use to them.

This letter would give the customer three years in which to make a claim. Should they attempt to make a claim outside of this deadline, their claim was unlikely to be successful.

If you were one of many thousands of customers who received a letter in 2013, you only have up until the date of the latter in 2016 to make a claim.

Can’t remember? Not sure?

With Payment Protection Scotland, we welcome enquiries regarding making a claim for mis-sold PPI from everyone. We will look into whether you have a genuine claim for compensation or not by contacting any bank, lender and financial company on your behalf to clarify if you had a PPI policy or not.

If you have a policy, we can work with you to lodge a complaint for compensation. By doing so, the bank has to provide evidence and proof that the policy was the right one for you and your circumstances.

You can disagree. And one point that many of our customers make is that they had no idea they have bought the policy in the first place!

This is because many banks and lenders, especially in relation to credit cards, they added the insurance policy on after the original sale of the account to you – and without your permission. You may have received a letter that stated they had added a great new product to your account and so on.

Call Payment Protection Scotland today

Find out today if you have a claim. All you need to do is call Payment Protection Scotland for more information – with no obligation to continue with a claim either!

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