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How to Choose the Best PPI Claim Management Company?

Do you want help claiming the PPI compensation that is due to you? Payment Protection Scotland is a reputable, established and successful claim management company. Here is out quick guide to choosing the right claim management company for dealing with your PPI case…

#1 Look for longevity

The PPI saga has been running for some years not and as a result, some of the claim management companies have been around for a number of years. However, there are also some companies who set themselves up, take on a few cases and when not successful, either close down or close down in order that they can re-start as a new company.

#2 Ask question and make sure you get answers

You will have many questions from how do they manage your claim, how do they stay in touch and so on. It is important you ask these questions and that you are happy with the responses that you get. If you feel the information is not forthcoming or seems a little vague, it is probably best to avoid them.

#3 AVOID guarantees and promises!

We would love to say to your customers that we promise to win their case and guarantee that they will have PPI compensation payable to them but we can’t and we don’t. Claiming back PPI compensation is a legal process and as such, depends on whether there is a case. If you haven’t been mis-sold PPI and it was a suitable product – although this is unlikely! – then you do not have a claim for PPI compensation.

#4 Look for an assessment process

Any claim management company who agrees to claim PPI compensation back on your behalf without looking at your case is not a good company to hand over your case too. A professional claim management company will first need to clarify that you have a PPI policy attached to an account or accounts. To do this, you may need to give them permission to contact your bank or lender, unless you have this information yourself.

#5 Choose a no win, no fee company

If you are serious about claiming your money back, then opting for a no win, no fee company makes sense. This agreement means that the financial risk of making a claim lies with them – if they are not successful, they won’t be paid! – thus, a no win, no fee claim management company will thoroughly asses you case first.

If you think you have a claim for PPI compensation and want to know for sure, contact Payment Protection Scotland today.

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