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Find out Everything you Need to Know About Claiming PPI Compensation

Like thousands of other people, you too could soon be enjoying a PPI compensation windfall. Within weeks, anything from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand could be in your bank account! Find out how - and how can help – right here…

#1 Check paperwork

Everything from store cards to car finance, to loans, credit cards and mortgages were all at risk of being vehicles for payment protection insurance (PPI).

In some cases, the PPI is part of the loan agreement paperwork but in other cases, PPI may have been mis-sold to you after you had taken out the loan etc. Thus, there may be separate paperwork for these policies.

#2 Debt specific

This means that PPI policies were applied to one debt thus, if you have two credit cards, the likelihood is you may well have two PPI policies, one on each credit card.

Thus, check every loan you have ever had in the last 10 to 15 years, every mortgage product, store card, car finance – anything in fact, where you borrowed money.

#3 Why were you sold it?

Once you have come across a PPI policy, you now need to think about the ‘how and when’ it was sold to you.

For some people, it was sold to them at the time they took out the loan. For others, it may have been sold to them some time later, possibly via a phone call offering this wondrous additional insurance product.

You now need to think about why it was mis-sold to you. There are many reasons why it could have been mis-sold ranging from you not being made aware of the exclusions under the policy to it not lasting the length of your loan (most PPI policies lasted several years less than the term of the loan to which it was attached).

Or maybe this is the first time you realised you had PPI as it was, in many cases, simple applied to the account without the express consent or knowledge of the customer.

#4 Make your claim NOW!

In the vast majority of cases, PPI was mis-sold to the customer for not one reason, but many. If you have a PPI policy – and don’t forget you could have more than one – then you need to make a claim for your money back.

PPI Scotland can help you claim your money back and it starts with one phone - call us today to find out more about our service and get your claim for PPI compensation started.

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