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Are PPI compensation claims becoming more complex?

There are articles galore on the web, all telling you how easy it is to claim compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI).

You will probably some on our blog too! You just need to find the paperwork, tell the bank you have PPI and you want your money back. As if by magic, or so it seems, there is a tidy sum deposited in your bank account.

In many, many cases, it can be that simple but there are other claims that are a little more complex.

The bank says ‘no!’

There are some claims that are not successful. The customer has the paperwork, they submit their complaint and the bank refutes their claim.

They can do this for many reasons but it must be that PPI was not mis-sold, you knew what you were buying, everything was explained, you agreed and it is a policy that was the best match for you.

Some people feel that this decision is unfair. Fortunately, there is one more avenue you can explore in an effort to get your money back.

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is the body that mediates on disputes between customers and banks etc. They look at all kinds of products, with PPI being just one of them.


As you can imagine, FOS has been inundated with complaints relating to PPI compensation claims. They have noted in recent months that the number of cases being referred to them is beginning to slow down but, the cases are far more detailed and complex.

For example, they are dealing with many claims from customers who felt that the way they were sold PPI was mis-leading. Many cases relate to when banks or lenders called customers and sold them PPI over the phone.

Some cases that FOS looked at noted that the representative talked too fast through the terms and conditions so that the customer inadvertently missed the salient points relating to exclusions and so on. Many people also felt duped because they assumed the representative calling them was aware of their employment history etc. when I fact they were not. In other words, a customer bought a policy thinking that it was suitable for them because the bank knew them – but this is not the case.


However, despite the increased complexity in PPI compensation claims, FOS is still finding in favour of the customer in seven out of 10 cases.

Your case for PPI compensation may not need to go FOS – and we could help you get the successful resolution to you case that you want. Why not call us today?

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