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5 Benefits of using a Claim Management Company for PPI Claims

Claiming PPI compensation can be a complicated process for some customers. There may be large amounts of their cash at stake, as well as there being complex arguments for and against whether PPI was mis-sold to them or not.

Whilst you may read about some claim management companies offering a poor service, there are many that strive to offer a professional service to customers that ask them to help with their PPI compensation claim.

What benefits are there to using a claim management company specialising in PPI compensation claims, and a reputable on such as Payment Protection Scotland?

1. Specialised

Claim management companies work across a range of areas, including personal injury claims, and PPI compensation claims.

Some companies work on all claims that involve legal process or issue but there are others that specialise in one area.

At PPI Scotland, we only deal with compensation claims for mis-sold PPI, meaning you can benefit from our in-depth knowledge and specialism.

2. Know the system

The ‘system’ of claiming PPI compensation should not be complex nor complicated and yet, there are cases that take a long time to resolve.

This is because some of the issues can present difficulties in not only deciding if compensation is due, but what happens when a customer wants to refute the case of refusal.

PPI Scotland understand the system, having worked on many claims to all the banks and lenders affects by the PPI mis-selling scandal.

3. Support

There are times when a customer needs support and information. We don’t advise you what to do about your PPI compensation claim – that is for you to decide. But what we do is make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice, and the right one for you.

And we do this this with no obligation to continue your claim with Payment Protection Scotland.

4. Claim management

We manage your case on your behalf, leaving you free to carry on with everyday life. And let’s be honest, all our customers are busy people who may not have the time nor the inclination to chase banks and lenders for their money back after being mis-sold PPI.

We do all that for you as it is part of our comprehensive service to ALL our customers, no matter how large or small the claim.

5.  Experienced

We are one of the most experienced claim management companies around when it comes to PPI compensation claims.

We have worked with thousands of customers over many years to help them claim their money back, whereas other companies have come and gone’ in that time.

This is because we offer a fantastic PPI compensation claims service on a no win, no fee basis. There is nothing better – call Payment Protection Scotland today.

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